In Home Consultations


Licensed Behavior Consultation and Training

I work with all types of behavior issues in birds, from basic training to advanced problems rooted in anxiety, fear, and aggression. In order to provide the best outcome, I first determine if the problem is:

  1. behavior” issue – your pet is anxious, fearful or upset – this needs a Behavior Consultation; or
  2. training” issue – your pet needs to better understand what you would like it to do – this needs a Training visit

Behavior Consultations are designed to help you understand your pet’s behavior and to learn how to change it. I will assess your pet, answer any questions you have, and develop an action plan for you to implement that will address management. training, and behavior modification.

Fear, anxiety, or aggression-based behaviors are often most effectively treated by the owners during their normal interactions with their pets. Purchasing additional visits can be very helpful in implementing the plan.

Those who prefer a more “work at your own pace” approach may prefer to work through the plan on their own, requiring little further assistance to reach their goals. Others may prefer or require additional help through our separate follow-up training and support services to implement and adjust the plan over time. We can structure the service to meet your needs.

Licensed Behaviorist Consultations


My Gold Consultation includes an in-home visit* of 1.5 to 2 hours to assess the issues and make recommendations for environmental management and enrichment, behavior modification and training, and three one-hour follow-up visits.

It includes travel within 50 miles of Denver, CO*, written handouts, a detailed written behavior modification plan specific to your pet and your situation, the ability to send a video of your pet’s behavior and/or your training sessions for professional input. It includes 3 - 30 minute monthly follow-up video sessions. The Elite Consultation is $649. Contact me with any questions that you may have.

*For furtherExpenses to/from location, meals & lodging + $450 per day. Training materials included based on consult needs. 


MySilver Consultation includes the in-home visit and behavior modification plan, but without the three follow-up visits.  Follow-up video visits can be purchased separately.  The Silver Consultation is $375.   Contact me with any questions that you may have.

* During the COVID -19 pandemic, and for certain location and behavior issue combinations, a video conference call will be offered in lieu of an in-person consultation.