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No Pick Parrot Anti Plucking Spray, 8 oz.


    Why No Pick Anti Plucking Spray?

    • Soothing Herbal Mist with Aloe Vera and Bitters to deter plucking
    • Topical Leave-on Feather Plucking Remedy
    • Soothes Itchy, Irritated Skin, Softens Feathers and Deters Plucking

    NatraPet No Pick Anti Plucking Spray is formulated to help stop birds from plucking their feathers out. This product can be used by both pet owners and veterinarians alike. NatraPet No Pick Anti Plucking Spray is made of natural ingredients including Aloe Vera and Balsam of Peru which have skin-soothing properties. 

    Aloe Vera has natural analgesic properties to soothe your birds skin.  It also helps to remove dead skin cells and relieves dry, itchy skin.

    This feather plucking remedy contains natural herbs and safe bitters which deter your bird's feather plucking behavior. This product is great for reducing skin inflammation caused by pulling feathers out. It also improves their overall feather condition!


    Directions:  Shake well. Do not spray inside of the cage near food and water dishes as your bird may refuse to eat and drink. If bitters get on your birds' food, it may be a problem. Cover the bird's eyes and nares. Do not mist in cold, drafty areas.  Mist about 6-8 inches from your bird.  Treat daily for three weeks.  Cover cage until your bird is dry.  Combine parrot anti plucking spray with a bird collar and a parrot feather growth supplement for best results.


    Ingredients: Benzyhol, Carotinoids in an Aqueous Base, Balsam of Peru, Bitter Apple, Aloe Vera.

    Caution:  No Pick Feather Picking Spray is for external use only.  Keep away from face including nares and eyes. Please do not spray on sick birds.  Keep birds out of drafty areas.  

    This item is unavailable to ship to Australia or New Zealand.

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