Fringy Soft Neck Collar for Parrot Feather Picking


Fringy Soft Neck Collar for Feather Pickers

  • 12 layers+ of fluffy fleece offers thick protection for severe parrot feather plucking
  • Safe, stiff inserts create structure and more protection  
  • Soft fleece reduces rub on open wounds; great for wing chewers
  • Velcro closure allows for adjustable sizing 
  • Length can be trimmed to fit
  • NOW with strong DuraGrip® Hook & Loop Closure

May be removed during feeding time.

Our Fringy Soft Neck Collar gives thicker, stiffer protection for neck, wing and leg pluckers.  These thick Soft Neck  Collars for parrots feature a bird-safe stiffener sandwiched between two layers of fleece.  On top, eight layers of fluffy fleece obstruct the birds access wounds below the neckline.  

Stack this Fringy Parrot Soft Neck Collar with any of our Bird Collars for added protection. May be used on top of a circular bird collar or underneath it to keep fabric from irritating wing wounds.

Please note that this collar is designed for severe pluckers and mutilators.  The height and thickness of the product, with a stiffener inside restricts neck movement making it harder for the bird to get to its extremities.  You may have to remove the collar during feeding time.

Note: Colors may vary from those shown and may change seasonally.

  • Size Chart

    Bird Collar Sizing by Height | Length of Neck

    Since even individual species may vary in size, all size recommendations are approximate. Click here to measure your bird.  

    Small  (1" H)

    Quakers, Senegals to Caiques & Similar Sized Birds | 1.0" x 5” L

    Medium  (1.5" H)

    Goffin Cockatoos, Small Amazon's and Timneh African Grey Parrots | 1.5" x 8" L

    Medium TALL  (2"" H)

    MED. Cockatoos, LG. Amazon's and Congo African Grey Parrots | 1.5" x 8.5" L

    Large  (3" H)

    LG. Cockatoos and LG. Macaw's | 3.0" x 8.5” L


    Please check with your avian veterinarian to uncover the actual causes of feather plucking and self-mutilation.  Always use the Soft Neck Collar Neckband under supervision until you know that your bird tolerates it well. The Soft Neck Collar is flexible and designed for sensitive birds with mild plucking problems.


Cockatoo Shades
Grey Shades
Tropical Shades

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Flying High

This is a great product..exactly what i was looking for..i had previously purchased the poncho cuff neck but had many difficulties taking it off to give him a break..i was also using cotton a-shirts cut into long bandage style pieces to protect his neck and back using tape to close it..worked for a while but then it would loosen up! with that being said this neck collar has worked out great and the wound is healing nicely with the exception that parrots are very smart..he has managed to scratch his back. Overall i give it a 5 star- also used the honey med..great product!

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Highly satisfied

Collars fit perfect, he cannot reach his feathers to pluck and his sore is healing nicely.

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Off to a great start.....

My grey is doing well with this collar so far. He is suspicious of new things, so I took a week to let him get used to seeing before putting it on his neck. He has not been able to remove it and it is preventing him from plucking.

Quality: Good

I have a small Senegal. This is the only collar I've found that allows her to get around, that she cannot get off and that takes her more of time to demolish. She can still reach her feet and tail but it takes more effort so she does less damage. A little bit wider skirt might help that.

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great

The items I purchased were perfect and fit my parrot just right. With anything new, my parrot takes a while to get used to it. The products were very well made and delivery was very timely. I have not used this company before but am very pleased and would definitely recommend it to anyone.