Complete Feather Plucking Kit, Severe Plucking

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Severe Feather Plucking Parrots have usually been plucking for a while.  The definition of a severe feather plucker is that they have substantial feather damage all over their body but they are not chewing through their skin and they are not bleeding. Due to the compulsive level of their plucking, they usually need substantial support to get over their problem.

But, don't think for a minute that these birds are a lost cause! It's more about learning the interventions that support severe feather plucking in birds, developing a plan, and tweaking it as needed. 

Our Complete Feather Plucking Kit for Severe Plucking centers around an appropriate bird collar for severe pluckers, the Huggle.  This is a neck style bird collar that restricts the neck range of motion while allowing for most activities of daily living, like perching, climbing, playing, and eating and drinking. With diminished neck range of motion, your bird has difficulty accessing preferred plucking areas.


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