Beyond The Bowl: Crafting Happiness with Foraging Bird Toys -

Diane Burroughs, LCSW

Beyond The Bowl: Crafting Happiness with Foraging Bird Toys

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Embark on a journey of understanding with Feather Plucking Decoded. Authored by Diane C. Burroughs, LCSW, this workbook equips bird owners with science-backed strategies, unraveling the mysteries behind feather plucking. From uncovering triggers to mastering advanced techniques, it's your guide to fostering a happy, healthy bond with your feathered companion.


Discover the secret sauce to banishing birdie boredom blues – foraging bird toys! Bird foraging is not just a solution; it's a ticket to a happy and content pet.

Wild birds, nature's experts, spend their days tackling intricate foraging challenges to find and access food. Our pet birds are instinctually wired to forage. And now you can bring that same thrill to your pet's world. Say goodbye to screaming and feather plucking as your intelligent bird transforms into a foraging virtuoso.

But here's the best part – foraging isn't just a game-changer; it's a fun-filled journey of creativity! Imagine crafting your own bird foraging toys from everyday scrap, turning trash into treasure for your bird.

This book spills the beans on what foraging is and provides exciting ideas for making all types of parrot foraging toys, from tree dwellers to ground feeders.

Ready to sprinkle some foraging magic into your pet's life? Grab your copy now and let the feathered festivities begin – because a foraging bird is a chirpy bird! 🐦✨

40 pages


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Benefits of Bird Foraging

Parrot Foraging Toys DYI

✔️ Spark Their Natural Instincts

✔️ Banish Boredom Behaviors

✔️ Promotes Healthy Exercise

✔️ Improves Problem Behavior

✔️ Better Bonding

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Lois D.

Just got this Foraging book yesterday. Yes, what would my 18-year-old Amazon do all day if she lived in the jungle? Now I know. This 20-page beautifully illustrated book gave me 50 ideas for activities and inexpensive supplies I can use to greatly enrich her life!