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    Soft Leather and Fleece Parrot Collar

    The UnRuffledRx Heavy-duty Leather and Fleece Parrot Collar is sturdy yet soft and flexible. Developed for compulsive feather pluckers and self-mutilators, even the most avid plucker will be deterred from self-harm.

    This collar comes with a tan leather base and a patterned top fringe in the color that corresponds with bird species chosen.

    Key Benefits 

    • Soft, thick veg-tan leather for compulsive feather pluckers and self-mutilators
    • Two layers of fleece fringe to distract habitual pluckers
    • Strong DuraGrip® Hook & Loop Closure
    • Kevlar stitching
    • Consider a protective combo.  Gently restrict neck movement and cover vulnerable areas. Get a matching UnRuffledRx Bird Collar and Tube Collar. 
    • Large & X-Large features thicker leather

    We recommend that you contact your Avian Vet for a full examination to determine the potential cause of your bird's feather plucking behavior along with the Leather and Fleece Parrot Collar.

    Please Note: If your bird seems obsessed with feather plucking, it may be able to open the Velcro closure. Use duct tape on the underside to deter bird removing the collar.

    Note: Colors may vary from those shown and may change seasonally.

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    We recommend that you contact your Avian Vet for a full examination to determine the potential cause of your bird's feather plucking behavior. In addition, to protect your bird from plucking feathers use a soft bird collar.

    A bird collar alone will NOT resolve a plucking problem. By the time most caretakers make the choice to use a bird collar, the problem has likely turned into a habit.  You are encouraged to combine the use of a bird collar with calming supplements, wellness strategies, improved parrot husbandry, resolution of medical problems and behavior modification.

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Customer Reviews

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Fit: Just Right
Quality: Good
Very satisfied

I bought the large for my Eclectus and it fit perfectly. The added leather adds the stiffness he needs to keep him from mutilating his leg. For those of us that will be purchasing these collars continually I would suggest giving a discount since they are pricey

Fit: Too Large
Quality: Great
Pretty good

My galah may be a little smaller than average. The head hole was actually a little too big (I thought I was going to have to return it for a bigger size!) ... she could take it off in two minutes ... I had to use it in tandem with the riffled neck collar . She doesn’t have great balance in her “tea pot” but she’s getting used to it . She can’t reach anything to pluck now and is recovering from surgery well!

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Feather picking E. collar

The E. collar is beautiful, very well made.

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great

Am so pleased that I found your site to purchase these products as i don’t have to constantly bring my Moluccan to the vet to wear a feather plucking deterrent collar everytime she plays up. Am sure in the not too distant future I will be able to get her off her feather plucking habit having these aids around.

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Best product I have found

We have a 26 year-old Umbrella Cockatoo, and she has plucked and mutilated herself since she was 8 years old. We tried several other products over the years with no success. We used a plastic "cone" for the past 10 years, but this caused a lot of trauma to her neck, she was not able to eat very well, and she still managed to pluck and mutilate herself. We really thought that within a few more years we would have a completely bald bird. We have used the soft leather and fleece collar for about a year now, and her feathers have mostly returned and she concentrates on chewing the fleece instead of herself. Yes, we have to replace the collar about every 2 - 3 months, but it is well worth it considering that she looks much better and is able to eat without any problems. We do take the collar off to give her a bath and allow her to preen and then put it back on her. She does not mind this collar nearly as much as she did the plastic cone. Great product.