10-Day Parrot Wellness Challenge

Does your bird need a reset?

If there's a perfect time to change your bird's life, it is now.  Soar into parrot wellness and build a life for you and your pet where you are both celebrating life.

Behavior scientists, like me, know that there is no better time to make a change than when your status quo has been upset.  Whether you've just noticed that your bird's feathers are not in the best condition or you've received an upsetting diagnosis of behavioral feather plucking or worse, there is no better time to take my parrot wellness challenge and start improving your bird's life.

What is the 10-Day Parrot Wellness Challenge?

Envisioning a healthy bird

Self-paced process of incorporating 10 important changes to create new habits

Acknowledging the exotic nature of your feathered friend

[ accordion 10-day challenge - https://students.dartmouth.edu/wellness-center/wellness-mindfulness/self-paced-challenges/10-day-mindfulness-challenge]

So, what's your new chapter?


Sign up for a fresh start!

tony robins 10 day challenge


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