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6 Unexpected Reasons You Need a Quality Bird Carrier

Every bird owner needs a bird carrier.  But, there is no need for your bird carrier to sit in a closet and gather dust.  Find out all of the ways that you can use a bird carrier to support your pet and enrich its life.
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By Diane Burroughs

Revised 12/23/2022

Most bird owners are familiar with the idea of a bird carrier, but you may not realize how many uses it actually has. Beyond just being a tool for travel and enrichment, a quality bird carrier can be an invaluable asset in a variety of unexpected ways. From providing a safe place to take your bird in the event of an emergency evacuation to using it as a hospital cage, a quality bird carrier can be a reliable home away from home for your feathered friend. In this blog post, we’ll explore three unexpected reasons why you need a quality bird carrier.

1) Always Have A Bird Carrier Ready For Evacuation

Evacuation is a process of leaving an area quickly due to potential danger. In the event of an emergency, it's important to have a plan in place and the right supplies to safely transport your feathered friends. A quality bird carrier is essential for any evacuation scenario as it provides a safe and secure environment for your bird to travel in. Not only does it offer protection from any external threats, but it also ensures that your bird has enough food and ion during the journey.

During stressful evacuations, your bird is stressed too, and thus at a much higher risk of getting startled and flying off. Choose a bird carrier with an easy-to-lock door and one that easily fits in your car.

Additionally, a good bird carrier will keep your bird safe and provide comfort from the stress of the evacuation.

In short, having a quality bird carrier for evacuation is a must for any bird owner.

2) A Bird Carrier Is Ideal To Use As A Bird Hospital Cage

A quality bird carrier is important to have in case of a bird emergency or illness. Here is what to look for to tell if your bird is sick or in distress.

Many carriers come with perches inside the cage but make sure that it can be lowered or removed because sometimes a sick bird is too weak to perch. Additionally, it can help to prevent birds from flying away if they become frightened by unfamiliar surroundings.

One of the essential things to keep in mind when choosing a bird hospital cage is you need to be able to provide warmth. You can mount a Snuggle Up Cage heater to a wire door or use a heating pad or heat lamp to provide your bird warmth to help stabilize it. In addition to providing warmth, it's important that the bird hospital cage has easily accessible food dishes. And finally, look for a bird hospital cage that allows you to easily monitor your bird.

It is essential that your hospital cage -bird carrier is well-ventilated but not drafty. Another feature to look for in a bird hospital cage is that you be able to easily observe your bird.

3) Use a Bird Carrier As a Bird Sleep Cage

Providing your bird with a comfortable sleep cage can be just as important as providing them with a safe and secure environment for play. A quality bird carrier can double as a sleep cage, so you have one less piece of equipment to worry about.

Bird carriers can easily be adapted to provide your feathered friend with a cozy place to sleep, free from distractions and disturbances. Having a dedicated sleep cage will help your bird get the rest they need to stay healthy and happy.

Using a sleep cage can also help birds who suffer from night terrors and separation anxiety. Birds that have night frights get easily startled and can fall off of their perch so the sleep cage helps to keep them safe. Plus, since they can be kept in the same place night after night, they can get used to their surroundings and feel safe. Many birds are comforted by the familiarity of the same sleep cage every night, which can help them relax and get the restful sleep that they need.

Additionally, birds need a quiet, dark place to get 10 - 12 hrs of sleep each night. If you are one to stay up late at night watching TV your bird may not get the sleep it needs. Using a bird carrier as a sleep cage can help your bird get its much-needed sleep.


4) Offer Your Bird A Safe Haven During The Bustling Holiday Season

Having a quality bird carrier is important for when you need to provide your feathered friend with a safe haven away from the noise and chaos of a busy household. Prime examples are during noisy, bustling holidays.

If your nervous bird is feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, a bird carrier can provide a secure and comfortable place for it to rest and relax. Convert your bird carrier to feel safe and cozy with soft perches, food bowls, toys, and plenty of ventilation. Having a safe haven to retreat to can be incredibly beneficial to your bird's mental health, as it allows them to get away from stressful environments and find some peace and quiet. Additionally, having a bird carrier that you can easily transport from room to room may make your guests feel more relaxed as well.

5) Use Bird Carrier Backpacks For Enriching Outings

A quality bird carrier is essential for taking your feathered friend out of the house. Taking them on an enriching outing is a great way to give them an opportunity to experience something new, as well as spend time with you and bond.

By using a quality bird carrier backpack, you can ensure that your bird is safe and secure in a familiar environment where it can see and hear you! Not only does this provide protection for your bird, but it also helps to reduce stress levels when traveling.

Additionally, it's important to choose the right bird carrier that is comfortable for your bird, such as one with good air circulation and enough room for them to move around. Taking your bird out on a fun outing can be a great way to help stimulate their minds and keep them healthy and happy!

6) Use a Bird Carrier as a Home Away From Home

Going on vacation with your bird can be a fun and exciting experience. It is also important to remember that our feathered friends need to be taken into consideration when planning a vacation.

A quality bird carrier provides a safe and comfortable way to transport your feathered friend while away from home. This allows them to feel more secure while still being able to experience the outside world with you.

It is important to get your bird accustomed to their bird carrier before taking them on any long trips. You can do this by introducing the bird carrier to your bird a few weeks before you go on vacation. This will allow them to become familiar and comfortable with the carrier so that it is not a stressful experience for either of you. Additionally, make sure to bring along toys and treats for your bird to keep them entertained during the car ride or flight.

A couple of other things that can ease your mind during bird vacations would be to harness train your bird and to teach it recall.

In conclusion, having a quality bird carrier is essential for every bird owner. Not only do bird carriers provide convenience for traveling, but they can also serve as a secure sleep cage, a hospital cage and a safe haven in times of emergency. They are also a great way to provide your bird with enriching opportunities by taking them on enjoyable outings. With the proper bird carrier, you can enjoy vacations and holidays with your bird in tow. Invest in a quality bird carrier today and give your beloved feathered friend a home away from home.

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Diane Burroughs, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist trained in ABA therapy techniques. She specializes in avian anxiety disorders and is certified in Nutrition For Mental Health. Diane has written a number of bird behavior books and she offers behavior consultations. She's developed a range of UnRuffledRx Science-backed Parrot Wellness Supplies.

Diane's products have been featured in the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery and at Exoticscon, a conference for exotic pet veterinarians. Her bird collars & bird supplements are stocked in avian vet clinics and bird stores throughout the US. With over 30 years in the field of behavior, Diane has created thousands of successful individualized behavior plans that help pets thrive.

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