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by Diane Burroughs April 26, 2016 3 min read 1 Comment


You treat your pet parrot to the best. He gets the best possible diet and treats, best cage, best toys, best T-stand. You even devoted a corner of your living room to his new birdie playpen that you can wheel to any area of your home if desired. This playpen provides you and our bird with lots of fun during weekend bathing sessions when you spritz him with a fine mist of warm water, much to his delight. 

But what about his top-of-the-line portable bird carrier? Did you remember to buy one of those? If you didn't, you're not alone. Many pet bird owners neglect this area of mandatory bird gear until they need one and have to scramble to come up with a suitable choice. 

Taking the time to shop carefully for this item will help ensure that you get the best design at the best price. The range of choices is likely to surprise you since this area of the pet industry has seen rapid expansion in recent years. While the dog-style airline-approved enclosed carriers are still sold and in wide use, this is just the tip of the bird carrier mountain. 

The number of times you actually use a bird carrier may surprise you. It definitely pays to have one on hand. 

Occasions for Use

Let's consider some of the possible reason you may need a portable pet bird carrier. Consider the following scenarios if you were without a good carrier. 



You home is evacuated because of a fire or other natural disaster. You need a pet bird carrier now. Waiting another day--or until you can hit the local pet shop--is not possible. 


Vet Trip

Your bird is sick an unable to perch. You need to get it to the vet in a hurry. Prompt attention from your avian veterinarian may save your bird's life. Time is of the essence. 



You're heading out on vacation by car and decide you'd like to take your avian buddy along with you this year. You'll be staying with family and friends as well as pet-friendly hotels so there's really no reason you can't take him along, too. Besides, you've missed him in years past when you've been away. Searching for a good portable cage now will delay your trip and be one more thing to do before you head out of town. 


Sleep Cage

  Your bird is having night frights or just isn't resting well.  You notice that it is becoming startled more than ever.  Try offering it a bird sleep cage that you can cover up at night.  Turn your bird carrier into a bird sleep cage with just a few modifications.


Hospital Cage

Your bird survived a broken leg and is now on the mend thanks to your veterinarian. He needs a hospital cage where he can perch at a very low level while he regains the use of his leg. Many styles of portable bird carriers quickly convert into a very suitable hospital cage with a few fast alterations. Instead, you may have to pay the vet's office another day of hospitalization because you have to search for a proper carrier/hospital cage. Your bird's usual cage would pose serious risks and dangers if he attempted to climb too soon. 


Out and About

You decide to head out to the park or the beach and want to take your bird along. He enjoys these excursions and sits calmly on your shoulder making happy chuckling sounds. If you had a carrier, these types of fun trips would be so much easier. 


Office Visits

Your African grey has been to your office and been a big hit with co-workers. Your boss finds him fascinating and allows him to visit on occasion. Your company is typical. Research conducted by the Pet Product Manufacturer's Association (APPMA) reveals that increasing numbers of offices are allowing dogs and other pets into the workplace for a variety of reasons  Your office is the progressive type of place you enjoy. 

The reasons for owning a portable pet bird carrier are numerous. Rather than asking yourself why you should buy one, shouldn't you really be asking yourself why you don't already own one?

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