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Feather picking Kiwi needs a fleece bird collar


Can you help me with bird collar sizes so I can order the right bird collar for my bird? I

'm so desperate to help my feather plucking bird whom I have fondly named Kiwi. She is a beautiful affectionate soul who's had a very bad start it life. She is still young I believe. No older than 2. I have included a picture of my poor kiwi in the hope that this helps. Kiwi and I greatly anticipate your reply.

Kindest regards Sophie


Answer: Hello Sophie,

First, thanks so much for becoming a pet bird ambassador in your new bird adoption! You are the best thing that ever happened for your little lady!  I'm attaching a free copy of my "Why parrots pluck their feathers" report in your email.

We've developed a few charts for our various bird collar / vest sizes that can be found on the product pages.  

But, for more exact measurements on UnRuffledRx Bird Collars you'll want to take a few measurements. Keep in mind that most of our UnRufflexRx Bird Collars can be trimmed to fit and, please, order larger if necessary. Obviously, a measuring tape will scare your bird so get a piece of ribbon or yarn and find the following measurements

    1. Circumference of neck in inches
    2. Circumference of chest for vest
    3. On the back, measure length from back of neck to the tip of the tail
    4. Tail and foot chewers may need a larger or stiffer collar.

Bird Collars come in the following circumferences: 

  • 4"  
  • 6"
  • 8"
  • 10"
  • 12'


UnRuffledRx Bird Collar Sizing

Bird Collar Size For Birds Available Colors


3" Dia.

Parrotlets, Small Parakeets

Please note: This size is only available in the Slip On Style



4" Dia.

Parakeets, Lovebirds , Cockatiels, Small Conures (Green Cheek, Brown Throat, etc), and similar sized birds Assorted


6" Dia.

Quakers, Senegal, Doves, Medium Parakeets, Rainbow Lories, Rosella, Noble Macaw, Medium Conures (Sun, Jenday, Nanday, etc.), and similar sized birds Assorted


8" Dia.

Congo Grey, Amazons, Timneh Grey, Yellow Collar Macaw, Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Major Mitchell, Galah, Lesser Sulfur), Large Conures and Parakeets, Chattering Lories, Pionus, and similar sized birds Assorted


10" Dia.

Eclectus, Medium Macaws (Severe, Red Fronted), Large Amazons (Double Yellow, Yellow Nape, etc.), Umbrella Cockatoos, Assorted


12" Dia.

Large Macaws, Triton, Moluccan, Green Winged Macaws, Hyacinths, and similar sized birds Assorted


With the extent of the feather plucking that your bird is experiencing, I'd suggest the soft bird collar for moderate pickers.  There are two reasons why I feel this is the best feather plucking barrier.

  1.  We want those wounds to breath and heal properly and the feathers to start growing in unrestricted.  The loose fit will help with these concerns.
  2.  A vest won't keep her from her wings and, those wings look pretty damaged. Your vet can tell you the extent of follicle damage and the possibility of feather regrowth as well as medical issues that may be contributing factors to the plucking.  While the low body weight is shocking, your veterinarians have probably addressed the malnutrition issue. 

My bigger worry is the medical implications of the very low weight. Malnutrition can cause organ damage. I trust your avian vet has discussed a premium pellet diet, possible supplementation including a feather growth supplement like Featheriffic!and a calcium supplement.  It's best to add a bird specific vitamin supplement, too, like AviVita Plus.  A premium parrot diet such as Harrison's Bird Food is essential.

It will be very helpful to address the anxiety that your re-homed or otherwise anxious bird is experiencing  Please consider some bird calming medicine.

In terms of deterring an obsessional picking issue at that weight, I imagine that your friend may start putting weight on as you replenish her body. She'll be able to grow and still wear the collar. Her feather picking is clearly not the worst I've seen. These few pics show an early bonding and a sense of spunk! I'd wonder how she might do in a "moderate feather plucking collar" accompanied by careful training that she get's mama's attention by playing with toys and loving vs. picking at herself. All of our soft bird collars come with detailed instructions on how to train your bird to tolerate them with minimal distress.

Again, I think you are a wonderful person for adopting a parrot in need.

Good luck!

Diane Burroughs


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